The Ugliness of Bullying

In light of recent news report of kids killing themselves over bullying I want to share my personal story of being a victim of bullying.

I was bullied in elementary, high school, and even in my adult life.But as I’ve matured it’s gotten easier for me to ignore and deal with bully behavior directed at me and simply rise above the haters. 

Throughout my elementary and middle school years I recall my family moved frequently.  I remember always being the new kid in class and I remember because of that I was a target for bullying by my classmates. Because I was a shy and introverted kid I simply coward away from bullies. I started wearing eye classes when I was five-years old. So being called “four-eye” was common. Growing up a skinny kid led kids to call me “Olive Oyl”. Because I was a light weight kid I remember being swung around by a classmate. I would get dizzy easily because I have an acoustic neuroma in my ear.That dizziness would result in nausea and headaches.

As a kid growing up I may have been perceived as an ugly duckling but as an adult, my “ugly duckling” features turned me in to a beautiful swan. And that’s true for each of my five beautiful sisters. We can each turn the heads of men and women despise us. Being perceived by others as attractive can subject an individual to other types of bully behavior. 

After graduating high school I remember that I was on the planning committee for my five-year class reunion.  As a committee member I participated in car-washes, swap-meets, and other events to raise seed money for our class reunion. During the actual event and unbeknownst to me, I was asked to dance by the husband of our class president. Mind you, this was no slow dance; we were dancing far apart – just saying. Needless to say, after my five-year class reunion [1975] I have never been notified of or invite to another class reunion. My take on it; that’s regrettable but not the end of the world. Although, I continue to live less than ten-miles from the high school were I graduated I recently learned from a high school classmates that she heard I moved across the country. In my classmates eyes perhaps that was why I hadn’t attended a subsequent class reunion (smh). I’ve also been bullied on a website called “Classmates” aka Memory Lane to the point where I requested they remove my name from their mailer. The ugliness of bullying reveals itself in many forms. While my bullies dwell in the past I’ve moved on to earn a college degree, purchase my home and have a success professional career.  

There’s a lot to delve into on the topic of bullying.  Please check here for more details.

At any age bullying should not be tolerated; Point blank, period. Parents should lead by example and teach their kids from an early age to respect others. As I’ve matured I simply turn the other cheek and rise above haters. I realize, for our young people that’s easier said than done. My heart aches for any young person suffering from physical and emotional pain caused from bullying. 


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