Happy Shopping!

America is a consumption capital of the world.  During Black Friday and Cyber Monday consumer spending is on steroids. It’s a time when brick and mortar stores are in strict competition with online shoppers. The result …deals, deals, deals! In light of recent data breaches, many consumers have been skeptical to purchase online however enhanced […]

Why Bank Go Credit Union – Revisited

I’ve been a credit union member for decades and I’ve often wondered why more people don’t choose to join a credit union. When I first joined my credit union there were membership restrictions that included members had to be a employee of the institution or immediate family members. Today (11/2017) that’s not usually the case. Membership to […]

The Failed War on Drugs, Social Equity and the Legalization of Cannabis

Based on data collected from the Los Angeles Police Department and other sources it has been confirmed that in Southern California Black and brown communities were vilified and maligned by the failed “War on Drugs”.  I dare to say this is the case across the country.  National surveys show that white and black people use […]

It’s Starting to Look a lot like Christmas and it’s not Thanksgiving yet!

The economics of the holiday season is pushed upon consumers earlier and earlier each year.  This year (2017) however it appears that holiday merchandise began poping up before halloween.  It was a trifecta; In local stores halloween,Thanksgiving AND Christmas merchandise were on display together competing for your hard earned money. It’s not yet Thanksgiving and […]


UPDATE On Tuesday, April 12, 2016, police entered the Mossack Fonseca Panama offices under the command of a prosecutor who specializes in organized crime and money laundering.  Some question the government’s delay in investigating the Mossack Fonseca offices stating; “The day after the Panama Papers revelations came to light the Panama government should have intervened […]