African American Seeks Asylum in Canada


Kyle Lydell Canty’s refugee application to British Columbia, Canada was refused in October 2015.  Canty’s application citied that police in the United States were essentially targeting Black people and exterminating them.

At an Immigration and Refugee Board hearing in October, where Canty represented himself, he argued that black people are “being exterminated at an alarming rate” in the US, and presented exhibits meant to demonstrate the human rights conditions in his home country, including videos of his own and others’ experiences of being harassed by cops, various news reports, and the handbook from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on determining refugee status.

But the Institutional Review Board (IRB) has found Canty does not have a well-founded fear of persecution under United Nations (UN) grounds regarding race, nationality, religion, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion in the US. The board’s Ron Yamauchi wrote in his decision that Canty’s deportation back to the US wouldn’t “subject him personally to a risk to his life or to a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment,” and that there were no substantial grounds to believe he’d be subjected to torture.

The board ultimately found that Canty’s interactions with police haven’t been unlawful, nor did he face assault or any of the other charges he levied. The board added that harassment and discrimination aren’t solid enough grounds for refugee protection under the law.

Had he succeeded, can you imagine the headlines and the shame brought on this country?


African American Kyle Lydell Canty crossed the border into Canada fleeing what he refers to as discrimination and state of violence plaguing the USA.  In seeking refugee status Canty argued that he belongs to a vulnerable minority that is “being exterminated at an alarming rate” in the U. S.  Canty, born in New York, states that he resided in six states over three decades.He feels that he is harassed in every state he lives in by police because of his race. Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board could issue a decision regarding Canty’s asylum application within the next few weeks.

Numerous police killings occur in the US each year. Recent high profile killings include Corey Jones, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, John Crawford, Ezell Ford, and Dante Parker. The United Nations has condemned the U. S. for its racial disparities and police brutality.

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